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CAM 8340 – Bundle Cash Acceptor

CAM 8340 – Bundle Cash Acceptor


The High-speed bundle cash accepting module CAM8340 is a core module for banknote depositing of which GGR Banking possesses independent intellectual property rights. Its international leading technology enables it validate banknote currency types, various denominations, genuineness and serial numbers. Because of its high reliability, availability and easy maintenance, it is mainly applied in a great deal of cash transaction occasions.


  • It authenticates notes with comprehensive cash detection technology such as visible light, Infrared, ultraviolet, full length magnetic ,full face thickness and double CIS;
  • It sorts notes according to currency, denomination version and fitness level (ECB Article 6 Compliant);
  • It can identify and trace the serial number of the notes.


  • Easy operation, high processing speed, non-stop cash feeding;
  • Convenient maintenance, Offline Diagnostic System(ODS) enables easy troubleshooting;
  • Compact design of structure, large capacity of cassette and good expansibility;
  • Particular log record and inquiry function. It can record and inquire all the transaction logs for about past 31 days (depends on the actual usage).


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