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Cipherlab CP60 Series Mobile Computer

Cipherlab CP60 Series Mobile Computer

The rugged CipherLab CP60 series is an industrial mobile computer designed to fully
assist your staff in the field with the most cutting edge specifications. Crafted for the
harsh environments of transportation & logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and field
service, this tough mobile computer will allow your workers to maximize productivity with
the most up-to-date technologies.


Running on a powerful platform and versatile operating systems, CP60 allows you to process data at a faster and more efficient speed. Its flexible wireless communications in 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth , and 3.8G* HSPA+ empowers you with the ability to transfer larger amounts of data in a flash along with a 4G LTE option. Built with a spacious 4GB memory, you can have no worries when it comes to data storage. The CP60 is proven to resist dust and moisture with IP67 rating along with a 2.4 m drop and 2,000 times at 1 m tumble. Combining cutting edge specs and ruggedness, CP60 is obviously what you need on the road.

*The mobile computer has received general telecommunication certification. Please check with your local carrier for the optimum operating efficiency.


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