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GRG BR-15 – Banknote Recycler

GRG BR-15 – Banknote Recycler


BR-15 is a banknote recycling module supporting single note acceptance and bundle change dispensing. It adopts advanced cash validation technologies such as CIS, full image magnetic detection, serial number record and storage.

With 4 recycling units, 1 deposit cassette and 1 replenishment cassette, BR-15 combines cash sorting technology, cash recycling technology and multi-denomination replenishment technology, largely improving cash utilization in various application scenarios.

Leading banknote validation technology

  • CIS and full image magnetic detection
  • Serial No. record and storage (opt.)
  • Recognize up to 100 denominations
  • Remote software upgrade against latest counterfeit note

High efficient banknote handling

  • Financial industrial standard compliant
  • Single banknote acceptance and bundle banknote dispensing
  • Up to 4 denominations recycling with flexible cash allocation
  • Multi-denomination cash replenishment

Secure and Reliable

  • Shutter design on cash in and out slot prevent foreign insertion
  • Both deposit and replenishment cassette adopt double-lock design and can be removed independently
  • Real-time status detection through electronic ID tag

Low Maintenance Cost

  • Flexible multi-denomination recycling and change dispensing solution increases banknote utilization
  • Less wearing parts, longer service life
  • Easy cleanness and maintenance


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