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GRG CA-10 Compact Banknote Deposit Machine

GRG CA-10 Compact Banknote Deposit Machine

CA-10 is the ideal cash counting and deposit solution for banks, retails and CITs, also supermarket, gas station and gaming.

Precise Cash Processing

  • Featured with professional and comprehensive banknote authentication technology which supports IR, UV, magnetic, thickness detection and
    CIS (contact image sensor), CA-10 is able to detect soiled, stained, taped, torn notes.
  • OCR technology (opt.) realizes the capability of serial number tracking on CA-10, the serial number can be recorded on machine, and both sides  image of each note will be kept on an optional image recorder.
  • Multi type notes support, CA-10 can support notes from 254 countries, and 26 in one times operation.

Optimum User Experience

  • With non-stop operation hopper, user can keep feeding the notes.
  • The LAN interface extend the connectivity of CA-10, so it can be connected
    with external LCD, printer and PC for sorting report checking, printing and
    upgrade, to realize centralized management.
  • Support value items such as cheques and casino voucher.(option)

Deposit Function

  • CA-10 is founded on the GRG s CM series sorting technology and developed
    with a note deposit-in note bag function.
  • CA-10 deposits notes into note bag or storage device underneath when the
    stacker is fulled with 200 notes.

Sorting Scheme
Fitness/ denomination/version/ orientation sorting

Sorting: 720 notes/ min;
Counting: 1,000 notes/ min

NV Technology
UV, IR, Visible light, Magnetic,OCR, CIS

Hopper: 500 notes / 1,000 notes optional
Stacker: 200 notes
Reject stacker: 100 notes

Banknote Size Accepted
Width: 60-85mm
Length: 110-180mm
Thickness: 0.06-0.18mm


Power Supply
AC90-240V, 50/60HZ

Power Consumption

334*394*413mm (W*H*D)


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