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GRG CAM 8350 – Cash & Cheque Acceptor

GRG CAM 8350 – Cash & Cheque Acceptor


The CAM 8350 module is capable of accepting mixed bundles of banknotes and checks via a single slot. Its cutting-edge bundled media acceptance technology, plus its outstanding availability and reliability make it a robust system for the countries where check processing through self-service channel is required.

For Banks:

  • Significant reduction in cost of manual processing in the back office
  • Cost-effective for paper and documents/checks transport
  • More secure through reductions in manual manipulation
  • Higher employee productivity with time saved for value-added customer service
  • Less time intensive for tellers, longer banking hours for customers


For Customers:

  • Enhanced banking experience through fast and user-friendly transaction interface
  • Extending check deposit transactions outside business hours
  • More secure through bundled deposit into a protected system


  • Double-side full face Contacted Image Scan
  • Magnetic detection
  • Full face thickness detection (opt.)
  • Infrared and visible light detection
  • Recognize up to 128 different denominations
  • MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) reader support E13B and CMC-7 mode

Image Capture System

  • Image output: support 2 bit black and white, 8 bit gray, 24 bit
    ture color image
  • Image format: 200 dpi BMP/JPG/TIF


  • Support ASCII standard
  • Printing height 2.5mm, max 4 lines, with 20 characters in each
  • 9 pin 7 7 matrix printer, horizontal printing
  • Mechanical replaceable stamp (optional)


  • Supports long-wide cash and check deposit
  • Support check image printing and endorsement (with optional stamp)
  • Dynamic deskew mechanism
  • Software online upgrading
  • Offline Diagnosis System (ODS)


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