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GRG CDM 6240N – Cash Mini Dispenser

GRG CDM 6240N – Cash Mini Dispenser


The CDM6240 features high banknote dispensing speed of 3 notes/s. It s high-end Banknote detection tech forbids invalid note in every transaction. Its compact structure can effectively save room in machine cabinet. The transport unit in the module is enclosed to prevent dust so that it can withstand harsh environment.

The transport unit is also operable to facilitate bill jam solving and he offline diagnosis system makes trouble shooting faster.


  • Complete detection for worn notes, double notes and folded notes
  • Available to banknotes of various materials,whether new or not
  • Cassette RFID supports realtime status report
  • Cassette with double locks ensures high safety
  • Fully enclosed reject bin with lock regulates note management
  • 3 pairs of belts in transport unit ensure more fluent note transport and less bill jam


  • Compact structure saves room in machine
  • Large cassette capacity of 500 notes to meet application demand
  • Dispensing speed of 3 notes/s ensures high change giving speed and good user experience


  • Enclosed transport unit prevents dust and offers optimal performance in dusty environment
  • Openable transport unit ensures bill jam solved with no need for special tools
  • Less consumable parts

Note Dispensing

  • Single lengthways dispensing with the speed of 3 notes/s (expandable to bundle dispensing)

Banknote Available

  • Material: paper and polymer
  • Dimensions: L120~165mm,W60~82mm, T0.06~0.18mm


  • Capacity:500 notes
  • Low level detection:30 notes(adjustable)
  • Equipped with RFID and magnetic ID

Reject Bin

  • Capacity:50 notes, fully enclosed with lock


  • Front/rear access

Power Supply

  • DC 24V 10%,60W (max)

Communication Interface

  • RS-232 /USB


  • 13.1kg( with 2 cassettes as standard configuration)
  • Total weight increases by 4.1 kg for adding per cassette


  • Working temperature:0  50 
  • Working humidity:20% 90% RH


  • 100,000 cycles


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