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GRG CDM6240 Single Cash Dispenser

GRG CDM6240 Single Cash Dispenser

The single cash dispenser CDM6240, is a high security, large capacity and intelligent CDM for retail ATM, ticket vending machines and other self-service applications. It has integrated a number of world advanced dispensing technologies, and offers high and stable performance at a very low total cost of ownership.

CDM6240 single cash dispenser Module provides 4 advanced features of GRG s leading technology with all independent intellectual property rights owned by GRG.


  • Opto-Electrical Detecting, able to recognize overlapped, folded, or worn notes.
  • High security cassettes and a separate reject tray with lock and seal-leading.
  • Unique log record and inquiry function, enables to record and check every transaction


  • Cassette low stock detect function to ensure in time cash replenishment, leading to a maximized uptime.
  • Offline Diagnosis system makes troubleshooting very simple
  • Radio Frequency Identification technique (Optional), enables to store the cassette ID, cash loader information and loaded cash information


  • Modular design, easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Front or rear service access for convenient maintenance
  • Onsite replacement of wearing parts
  • High process speed and capacity
  • Friction feed, able to handle various currencies
  • Dispensing at a high speed of 7 notes per second
  • Maximum 2200 notes per cassette, expandable up to 6 cassettes,13200 notes in total
Electrical specifications

Media ranges

Length: 110mm ~172 mm
Width: 55mm ~85 mm
Thickness: 0.06mm ~0.18 mm
Dispensing system: Friction feed, single dispensing, 7 notes/second
Maximum notes per transaction: 100 notes
Low level detection: 50~250 notes (adjustable)
Reject tray capacity: Single reject, minimum 100 notes
Maintenance: Front/Rear

Note Cassette

Expandability: Up to 6 Cassette capacity: 2200 notes
Security: Mechanical lock and lead sealing


16.9 Kg, 1 cassette weight, with the increase of every cassette, the weight shall be added by 9.9kg.
Communication interface: RS-232/ USB (optional)
Operating environment Temperature: 00C~500C Humidity: 20%~90% non-condensing

Power supply

Input voltage : DC 24V, 200W Consumption : Idle 10W; Operating 50W


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