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GRG CDM8240 – Bundle Cash Dispenser

GRG CDM8240 – Bundle Cash Dispenser


Bundle Cash Dispenser

The CDM8240 bundle dispensing module -the fruit of years of research and development- is a market leading cash dispensing module of which GRGBanking possesses full independent intellectual property rights.

As a combination of advanced functionalities and a low cost of ownership, the CDM8240 offers superior performance and high reliability whilst it is easy to operate and maintain. All this and more makes the CDM8240 an ideal solution for ATMs and other self-service application.

CDM8240 bundle dispensing module e provides 4 advanced features of GRG s leading technology with all independent intellectual property rights owned by GRG


  • Opto-Electrical Detecting, delivers accurate detection even when notes are severely degraded.
  • High security cassettes and a separate reject tray with lock and seal-leading.
  • Unique log record and inquiry function, enables to record and check every transaction.


  • Unique self-calibrating function, automatically compensates for assembling errors.
  • Offline diagnosis system enables convenient troubleshooting.
  • Auto retract function


  • Modular design, easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Front or rear service access for convenient maintenance
  • Optional long throat for the presenter

High process speed and capacity

  • Friction feed, able to handle various currencies dispensing at a high speed of 7 notes/ second
  • Maximum 3000 notes per cassette, expandable up to 4 cassettes, 12000 notes in total

Media ranges
Length: 110mm ~172 mm
Width: 55mm ~85 mm
Thickness: 0.06mm ~0.18 mm

Dispensing system: Friction feed, Bundle dispensing, 7 notes/second

Maximum notes per transaction: 60 notes

Low level detection: 50~250 notes (adjustable)

Reject mode: Single/Bundle      

Maintenance: Front/Rear        

Note Cassette
Expandability: Up to 4 Cassette capacity: 3000 notes
Reject tray capacity: 100 (single area) + 250(bundle area)
Security: Mechanical lock and lead sealing

standard throat: 42 Kg  long throat: 44 Kg (two cassettes weight, with the increase of every cassette, the weight shall be added by 11kg.)

Communication interface: RS-232/ USB (optional)

Operating environment: Temperature: 00C~500C Humidity: 20%~90%  non-condensing

Power supply
Input voltage : 110V 10%; 220V 10%  Consumption : Idle 30W; Operating 100W


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