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GRG CHS-008 – Coin Handling Module

GRG CHS-008 – Coin Handling Module


CHS-008 adopts multiple frequency coin validation technology to realize highly accurate coin validation of up to 16 denominations. It features recycling change giving with coins of multiple denominations. 1-4 coin hoppers decrease coin replenishment frequency. The high change giving speed of 5coins/s brings optimal user experience. Its compact structure takes up less space within equipment. CHS-008 is the best choice for high-efficient operation.

High Security and Reliability

  • Multiple frequency coin validation technology features coin material detection and accurate detection result
  • Anti-jam and anti-spin design ensure more accurate coin handling
  • Intelligent detection of coin status within coin container
  • Electric tag (I Button) provides coin container tracking during operation
  • Stainless steel coin container with double locks ensure high durability and cash security

High Efficiency

  • High speed coin handling meets the demands of fast transaction
  • Adapt to coins of multiple sizes and shapes meeting the demands of change giving with coins of multiple denominations
  • Coin hopper with large capacity reduce coin replenishment frequency and operation cost
  • Compact structure takes up less space

Friendly Maintenance

  • Longer service life and no consumable parts
  • No belts within coin transport unit reduce maintenance cost
  • Special design to free foreign objects inserting in coin validation channel
  • Multiple sensors within transport unit ensure fast location of coin jams
  • Enclosed design prevents dust intrusion and withstand harsh environment


  • Coin validation  2coins/s
  • Recycling change giving  1coins/s
  • Change giving  5coins/s

Coin Validation Technology

  • Multiple frequency technology to detect coin material

Coin Validating Range

  • Up to 16 denominations of coins

Coin dimensions:

  • Diameter: 15 32.7mm
  • Thickness: 1.0 3.3mm


  • Escrow: 20 coins
  • Recycling change cassette: 50 coins 5
  • Coin hopper: 1000 coins 1 (1-4)
  • Coin vault: 1000coins

Maintenance access

  • Front access


  • DC 24V 10%, 12V 10%

Communication Interface

  • RS-232


  • 24kg


  • Working: 0  45 , 20% 90%RH


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