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GRG CRM9250 – Intelligent Cash Recyler

GRG CRM9250 – Intelligent Cash Recyler


Intelligent Cash Recyler

The CRM 9250 intelligent cash recycler is designed to provide the highest and uptime in the market with a minimum in maintenance needs. It is supporting 64 denominations at one time with high validating speed and offering up to 4 recycling cassettes plus one multifunctional acceptance cassette.

OCR technology enables to record and recognize note s serial number to make transactions more secure and to avoid any disputes. Our intelligent cash cassette swapping solution can reduce the cash handling cost and improve efficiency. Module design and off-line diagnosis system make the maintenance easy.

CRM 9250 Cash Recycler Module provides 4 advanced features of GRG s leading technology with all independent intellectual property rights owned by GRG.

Unique serial number validation and recognition

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can record each deposited banknote s serial numbers
  • Recognize up to 64 different denominations simultaneously

Intelligent cassette management

  • Up to 4 recycling cassette. Maximum 3,000 notes loading per recycling cassette, in total 12,000 notes.
  • One multifunctional acceptance cassette. A capacity of maximum 2,000 notes.
  • Acceptance cassette has 3 different areas to accept different notes in accordance with customers  requests avoiding disputes between service providers and end-users.
  • Cassette full, almost full, empty detection
  • Cassettes Swapping Solution for Cash Recycling Module to optimize the current cash cycle.

High process speed and capacity

  • Depositing at a speed of 8 banknotes/ second;
  • Maximum 200 banknotes per transaction;

Easy Maintenance

  • Modular design, convenient to assemble and disassemble;
  • Front or rear service access for convenient maintenance;
  • Offline Diagnosis System makes troubleshooting very simple.

Media ranges:
Length: 130-172mm
Width: 60-85m

Maximum notes per transaction: 200 notes

Reliability: MTBF 4,500 hrs Jam Rate <0.003% Reject Rate <1% Acceptance Rate >95% Life 10 years

Communication interface: RS-232C (USB is optional); 57,600bps Baud Rates; CRC Verify mode.

Weight: 125kg Including 5 empty cassettes 

Temperature: Operating 0-50 0CIdle 0-50 0CStorage  -100C -550C

Humidity: Operating 15-85%RH Idle 10-90%RH Storage 5-95%RH

Power supply: Voltage: DC  36V +10%; Current:+12A;Power:Idle 50W,operating 430W


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