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GRG TAM-001 – Ticketing Accepting Module (Card)

GRG TAM-001 – Ticketing Accepting Module (Card)


Based on the design concept of high security, high efficiency and high reliability, TAM series modules focus on ticket acceptance in the situation of large passenger flow. TAM series modules accept in high speed the tickets in compliant with standard ISO/IEC 7810.

Each ticket box inside module is equipped with lock and RFID to ensure ticket security. TAM series modules can surely meet your application demands.

Security and Reliability

  • Entrance shutter prevents the insertion of foreign objects
  • Automatic passage clearance and ticket pile adjustment avoid ticket jams
  • Ticket box status detection and informing
  • Contactless electronic tag on the box support status record and inquiry function
  • Stainless steel ticket box with double locks ensure high security and durability
  • Invalid tickets will be rejected to avoid ticket sorting


  • High acceptance speed of 1 second per ticket meets the demand of fast transaction
  • 2 ticket boxes with large capacity of 1000 tickets lowers ticket box replacement frequency and maintenance cost


  • Less quick-wear parts and longer service life Withstand harsh working environment
  • Solve ticket jams in need of no professional tools

Acceptance Speed

  •  1s per ticket including 0.3s for ticket reading 

Ticket Dimensions

  • Length 85.5 0.2mm
  • Width 54 0.2mm
  • Thickness 0.5 0.05mm( 0.3~0.8mm adjustable)


  • 1000 tickets (0.5-mm-thick)  2
  • Reject bin: 300 tickets

Power Supply

  • DC 24V 10% 48W

Communication Interface

  • RS-232


  • 28kg


  • Working temperature 0  50 
  • Working humidity 20% 90%RH


  • 100,000 cycles


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