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Matica C410 Metal Plate Embosser

Matica C410 Metal Plate Embosser

45% faster than its predecessor and easier to use, the C410 Metal Plate Embosser is the most comprehensive desktop metal embossing solution in the market.


The C410 electronic embosser has been specifically engineered for heavy duty and continuous production. It is a strong, reliable system ready to emboss plates and can handle a huge variety of sizes, materials, shapes and thicknesses.


  • Compact desktop design easily fits anywhere
  • Cost effective with low maintenance
  • Fast and reliable continuous feed operation
  • Robust mechanics and durable metal casing
  • Two removable hoppers: one for dog tags and one for medical red alert tags
  • Versatile for numerous metal plate applications

The C410 comes equipped with an integrated, manually adjustable universal automatic plate feeder that holds up to 350 plates (0.50 mm thickness). The C410 is particularly suited for continuous medium to high volume production process. Due to the manually adjustable plate feeding mechanism, the C410 can easily accommodate plates of various sizes and shapes and can be efficiently used to emboss different identification plates within the same production facility. Once embossed, plates can either be placed in an external collection box via a side eject mechanism or stacked in an optional available FIFO output stacker.

The C410 provides a heavy duty embossing mechanism which includes a powerful high torque motor, high percussion embossing arm, hardened drum and special hardened fonts to tackle the hardest jobs. The C410 is designed for the personalization of plates of various materials and thicknesses including steel, iron, aluminium, bronze and more showing results that meet the highest standards of quality.

The C410 is also equipped with a side-eject system with an external plate collection tray. This is particularly designed for those jobs where plate sizes and shapes frequently change. However, for larger volumes of a specified plate size, an optional FIFO stacker elevator mechanism is available. This option includes a time saving sensor which prevents machine operation when the FIFO stacker is full of embossed plates.

The C410 MF is a new version of the C410 metal embosser created for special needs and product customization. The metal plate is loaded and, after the embossing, removed manually from the clamp on the C410 MF.


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