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Motorola TC55 Touch Computer

Motorola TC55 Touch Computer

To get the job done, your workers need access to business critical applications out in the field. They want a business device that is every bit as small, sleek and as easy to use as their own personal smartphones. But today s smartphones fall far short of the feature set you need in your business.



Introducing the TC55   the pocket-sized all touch computer that has it all. Smartphone ergonomics and good looks. Business durability. And all the business functionality your workers need to work smarter   and better serve your customers. Built for the enterprise, designed for your workers.

Field sales

  • Sales and pre-sales teams
       Sales/order tracking
       Order taking
       Appointment scheduling
       Location-based services

Field service

  • Technicians
       Service automation
       Inventory management
       Parts inventory management
       Invoicing/signature capture
       Task management
       Order tracking
       Location based services
       Appointment scheduling

Small/medium businesses

  • Employee communications
  • Work flow management
  • Time tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Proof of service
  • Payment processing


Advanced capacitive touch screen that works virtually anywhere
The 4.3 in. high-resolution display isn t just bigger, it s significantly better. Based on cutting-edge HAST LCD technology, the screen is brighter both indoors and outdoors, all while consuming substantially less energy (just one reason why the TC55 has industry-leading battery life).

85 years of Motorola voice leadership clearly heard
From police to firemen, people all over the world rely on Motorola s clear sound technology for life-saving decisions. The TC55 leverages this expertise to produce unparalleled voice output based on dual front-facing speakers that yield twice the volume of popular smartphones from Apple and Samsung.

Fortified for the enterprise with Extensions (Mx) by Motorola Solutions
New features that transform Android  from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise  class OS, including Security, device management and support for enterprise data capture capabilities.

Integrated scanner and imager for fast, accurate data capture
Increase productivity with the integrated 1D scanner, an optional 1D/2D ring-style Bluetooth scanner, an 8 MP camera and Near Field Communications (NFC) , so workers can quickly and easily capture virtually any type of data at the press of a button.

Expanded enterprise software for rapid deployment
A wide variety of applications ready for Android are available to help businesses in many vertical markets improve mobile workforce efficiency.

Standard or Professional Configuration to meet your needs
Both built on Android Open Source (AOSP), the Standard Configuration comes with Google Mobile Services (GMS), a suite of integrated Google applications standard on most smart phones   ideal for workers that depend on apps such as Gmail or Google Maps.


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