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  • FacePass 7 IRT touchless facial recognition and infrared thermal temperature detection terminal is equipped with AI deep learning architecture and infrared live detection technology, which provide 24/7 accurate identification. With the temperature detection module, FacePass 7 IRT allows a detection distance of
    0.3~0.5 m with a deviation of ±0.3 °C.

    FacePass 7 IRT is equipped with a new Linux CPU, implementing a face-capturing of less than 1 second, and a recognition time within 0.5 seconds. The super wide HD camera provides flexible and rapid recognition at multiple angles and distances.

    FacePass 7 IRT can communicate through WiFi, 4G or wired network, and can also be managed through its own Web-server and PC based professional software.

  • UltraMatch series products has a stylish design and reliable performance. Adopting BioNANO algorithm, the
    system provides the most accurate, stable, and quickest iris recognition while delivering high-level security in
    biometric enrollment, individual identification, and access control.

    Iris recognition system can identify and authenticate users with certainty. Iris is designed to last, and is not
    affected by outside environmental conditions.

    A web based software and a PC version management software allow clients to manage the system easily. Iris
    SDK is available to developers and integrators for developing identity management applications or easy
    integration and expansions to existing security system.

    Depending on its high accuracy, the terminal is ideal for high-level security applications, such as border
    protection, Pharmaceutical & labs, or jails.

Showing all 2 results