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Evolved Specification of the RS31 Puts You One Step Ahead

Keeping ahead of the demands with dominating operating power and durable designs  Taipei, Taiwan - 1 June, 2017 - CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), happily introduces the RS31 series as the new generation of mobile computers with enhanced features for the demanding retail, healthcare and field sales/services industries. The RS31 series' multi-touch panel [...]


TE200 SERIES Desktop Label Printers   APPLICATIONS Manufacturing & Warehousing Work in Progress Item Labels Instruction labels Agency labels Healthcare Patient Identification Pharmacy Specimen Identification Parcel Post Shipping Labels Receiving Labels Small Office / Home Office Shipping Labels File Folder Labels Product Identification Retail Marking Price tags Shelf labels Jewelry tags   KEY FEATURES 152.4 [...]

Case Study – Cipherlab 1166 For Warehousing

CipherLab Scanners Sink Competition at Sierra Marine Profile Sierra Marine, with headquarters outside of Chicago in Litchfield, Illinois,has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of marine engine and drive parts for more than 35 years. The company is a manufacturing division of publicly traded Teleflex Marine, and distributes more than 6,000 products to stores worldwide. Recently, the company s rapid […]

Case Study ? CipherLab 8300 for Retail

L Etoile Selects CipherLab 8300 Series to Open Stores Faster and Improve Efficiency Profile In the highly competitive perfume and cosmetics industry, L Etoile has become the largest retail chain in Russia in just ten years. Over 30 stores stretch across Moscow, plus boutiques can be found in more than 25 regions around the country. Customers shop among […]

Case Study – TSC Alpha 3R for Healthcare

TSCs barcode system ensures patient safety, streamlines hospital testing and specimen tracking Market: Healthcare Application: Expedited patient treatment and specimen tracking Model: Alpha-3R Background: With the aid of TSCs Alpha-3R portable printer, Taiwan hospitals are able to easily print patient information, nursing staff IDs and test tube labels, while expediting doctors  instructions to nursing staffs. Solution: […]

TSC releases software development kit for Apple mobile devices

TSC has released a software development kit (SDK) that provides developers with a complete toolset for deploying and running labeling applications on Apple mobile devices. SDK, v5.0~6.1, provides all the technical elements   libraries, documentation, framework and samples   that make it easy to create feature-rich custom label-printing applications for an Apple iPad, iPhone or […]

Case Study ? TSC TTP-2410M for Tire Manufacturer

Major tire manufacturer uses TTP-2410M printer to increase efficiency and meet EU regulations Market: Tire industry Application: Label printing for major tire manufacturer in Taiwan Model: TTP-2410M thermal transfer label printer Situation: The production of tires is a complex process involving many fabrication steps and a variety of rubber compounds. Rubber compounds are first mixed […]