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Datacard CR805 Retransfer Card Printer

Datacard CR805 Retransfer Card Printer

The Entrust Datacard  CR805  card printer gives customers a complete, on-demand card printing solution with stunning color, card material flexibility, security features and durability they need to create virtually any type of card for their customers, citizens, and employees.


With brilliant color and great image quality, this new platform gives companies the flexibility and features they need to issue their ID cards  right from their desktop.

  • A stunning, high-end look for every card design   photo quality imagery and high resolution printing show off your brand to the world.
  • Improved security of schools, airports and other key facilities – pigment ink for lifelike skin tones and easier card-to-cardholder authentication. In addition, the system has enhanced security features to protect the integrity of your data
  • Savings for your card program   long lasting images mean fewer card replacements and system modularity means you can add to the platform as card program needs change. Add new encoding options or lamination with ease.

Brilliant looking cards built to stand the test of time
The new CR805 retransfer card printer uses pigment ink, which is not susceptible to UV fading, resulting in images that last a much longer. This results in less card replacements, lowering the cost of your card program.

High resolution printing for stunning resolution
Pigment ink combined with 600 dpi printing results in extremely high resolutions printing. This enables the printing of microtext, and other machine readable elements such as OCR codes and 1D and 2D barcodes.

Flexibility to meet a variety of card program needs
A number or security features have been designed into the system to ensure the security of data and protect it from threats. These are standard in every printer.

Enhanced Security to ensure data integrity
Reliably print up to 100 one-sided cards per hour (36 seconds per card) or 55 two-sided cards per hour (65 seconds per card).

Reliability to print cards when you need them
This platform was developed based on years of experience with desktop and central issuance development. We stand behind the quality and reliability of this printer, so you can be certain your print on demand solution is always available.

Durability options to meet your needs for card life
The new system has the ability to add an additional layer of retransfer film to the card, adding durability without the use of the laminator. Additional durability options available when the laminator is added, offering custom or generic holographic laminates.

Connectivity that is easy and scalable
The Entrust Datacard single wire solution is the easiest to deploy in the industry today, and provides a solution that is scalable from 1 to n locations, without limitations you traditionally see.

Trusted solution   Designed and tested for the best results
Our complete solution, including hardware, software and supplies, has been designed and tested for maximum results.

  • Print technology Retransfer pigment ink
  • Print capabilities Single or dual-sided, over-the-edge printing
  • Print resolution 600 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Print speed Full color printing Single-sided (CMYKP)   up to 100 cards per hour (cph)
  • Double-sided (CMYKP-KP)   up to 66 cards per hour (cph)
  • Color modes True Color (ICC)   prints color as close as possible to image as defined in the card design
  • Legacy SR/CR   Close match to the CR500 Instant Issuance System
  • Vivid   printer colors with higher saturation and contrast
  • Card capacity Input hopper   125 cards
  • Output hopper   25 cards (Optional 125 card)
  • Card input size   0.030 inches to 0.040 inches (0.76 mm to 10.01mm)
  • Operating environment 60 F – 95 F (15 C – 35 C)
  • Physical dimensions L 21.4 in. x W 10.1 in. x H 15.6 in. L 54.34 cm x W 25.53 cm x H 39.68 cm
  • Weight 28 lb. (12.7 kg); with options will vary
  • Connectivity USB and Ethernet Warranties Printer: 36 month standard warranty
  • Printhead: Limited lifetime warranty

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