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  • ACR1222L is an LCD-equipped PC-Linked NFC Contactless Reader with USB as its host interface. It is developed based on the 13.56 MHz RFID technology and the ISO/IEC 18092 standard. ACR1222L can support ISO14443 Type A and B cards, Mifare, FeliCa and all 4 types of NFC tags.

  • The ACR122U NFC Reader is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer developed based on the 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology. Compliant with the ISO/IEC18092 standard for Near Field Communication (NFC), it supports not only Mifare  and ISO 14443 A and B cards but also all four types of NFC tags.

  • The ACR1251U-A1 is the second-generation NFC Reader from ACS, which offers advanced features such as firmware upgradeability, a SAM (Secure Access Module) slot, and support for NFC tags and devices. It is ideal for contactless applications with added security functions.

  • Portable and lightweight, the ACR38U PocketMate II Smart Card Reader is a USB-sized device that transforms into a smart card reader for full-sized contact smart cards with just a single swivel motion.

  • AL100 Passport Reader is an ultra fast passport reader with high-precision OCR algorithm and consists of a unique hardware device and cutting-edge OCR engine.

      • Thermal receipt printing or label printing
      • Supports auto sleep and energy saving
      • A wide variety of interfaces:
        • USB + Bluetooth 4.0 (Standard)
        • USB + two Bluetooth
        • USB + three Bluetooth
        • USB + WIFI + Bluetooth (optional)
      • Bluetooth supports BT3.0 & BT4.0 and able to connect with Android and IOS systems
      • Able to print a variety of bitmap, 1D, 2D or code
      • DLL, SDK and demo application are available


    • Wireless scanning of 1D barcodes with Bluetooth
    • Scanning speed is above 200 scans per second
    • Long distance scanning of up to 20 metres in open area
    • Built-in 512K memory can store more than 10,000 barcodes
    • Easy to connect to various devices with one key only
    • Large capacity battery allows more than 8 hours of continuous scanning and 7 days of standby
    1. Wireless scanning of 1D & 2D barcodes with Bluetooth
    2. Scanning speed is more than 300 scans per second
    3. Fast and easy to scan from paper, print, and screen
    4. Easy to connect to various devices with one key only
    5. Designed to withstand 1.5m drops
    6. Large capacity battery allows more than 8 hours of continuous scanning and 7 days of standby
    • Able to read all standard 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes
    • Ergonomic design – comfortable and easy to operate
    • Shock resistance – withstands 1.5m drops onto concrete
    • Fast and accurate scanning, with high decoding ability
    • Ideal for a wide range of applications which requires 2D barcode scanning, such as retail, warehousing and logistics document control.
  • The VF30 is is designed for small to medium enterprises requirement of security. Integrated with fingerprint identification, RFID, PoE TCP/IP communcaiton, time attendance and access control functions, with an elegant and reliable design. With standalone access control software – Crosschex, VF30 offer group access control for high security level.

  • W2 is the new generation fingerprint access control & time attendance terminal features based on Linux platform. W2 with 2.8-inch color LCD, full capacitive touch keypads and touch optical fingerprint sensor will offer convenient operation experience and improve the practicality of the wet and dry fingerprint.

    W2 with TCP/IP communication and traditional RS485, Wiegand in/out to provide higher flexibility and multiple communication options for different environments. It also powerful access control interface relay output, door contact and multiple I/O ports can also be expanded with third party access control systems.

  • BarTender software transforms your business information into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, packing slips and pallet labels that drive your company.

    Major international enterprises trust their production lines to BarTender’s unmatched product quality and exceptional customer support. So do hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses around the world.

    • Design and print almost anything, including packing slips and pallet labels
    • Easily enter print-time information with customizable data-entry forms
    • Consolidate designs with Intelligent Templates™
    • Print from any operating system, device or web browser
    • Create sophisticated applications and print automatically from web services requests, data transactions, SDK requests and more
    • Centrally control and secure your entire labeling system
    • Monitor print status in real time and view detailed history of system usage
    • Easily integrate with SAP and Oracle

  • A system for labeling and coding flat products: laid down packets (either already glued or still  open ),telephone and credit cards, membership cards, envelopes, hang tags for clothing, etc.

  • The 1000 Contact Scanner puts more productivity into checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers, by accelerating processes and eliminating scanning errors, especially when barcodes are printed closely or poorly.

  • Maximize productivity and performance with the fast, reliable 1500 linear imaging scanner. The 1500 offers accuracy and efficiency with the reliability of no moving parts for low cost of ownership.

  • Increase productivity and accelerate workflow with the fast, dependable 1560 BT linear imaging scanner.

Showing 1–16 of 102 results