ID-10013701eOur solution for GSM/TELCO includes SIM card perso & print and more importantly, manages the entire process cycle for high volume production with accurate input from telco back end system. We create custom perso script to each customer s requirement. We have work on similar projects using low volume Zebra desktop card printer as well as high volume Protechno machines.


The Project:
Our customer is a GSM telco in a large country where pre-paid SIM card is hugely popular. Due to tariff difference between regions, SIM cards are region coded before sales. This created an inventory problem as orders for SIM cards from manufacturer lags sales by several month and it is hard to predict demand in any region in advance. In response, the customer operates its own in-country manufacturing facility to personalize each batch of SIM cards individually. This way they are able to control the quantity and balance out demand over many regions.

The Solution:
We deployed a card manufacturing line using a large number of low cost Zebra desktop printers. The telco s back end system produces a demand report details the number of SIM cards to produce for each region daily. Our card personalization software aggregates these perso job across these printers to encode the SIM cards and to print card specific ICCID information for sales.

We provided:
1. PESONA card issuance system customized for the customer.
2. Zebra card printers & accessory.
3. Services including card perso script and back end software integration.