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  • UltraMatch series products has a stylish design and reliable performance. Adopting BioNANO algorithm, the
    system provides the most accurate, stable, and quickest iris recognition while delivering high-level security in
    biometric enrollment, individual identification, and access control.

    Iris recognition system can identify and authenticate users with certainty. Iris is designed to last, and is not
    affected by outside environmental conditions.

    A web based software and a PC version management software allow clients to manage the system easily. Iris
    SDK is available to developers and integrators for developing identity management applications or easy
    integration and expansions to existing security system.

    Depending on its high accuracy, the terminal is ideal for high-level security applications, such as border
    protection, Pharmaceutical & labs, or jails.

  • FacePass 7 IRT touchless facial recognition and infrared thermal temperature detection terminal is equipped with AI deep learning architecture and infrared live detection technology, which provide 24/7 accurate identification. With the temperature detection module, FacePass 7 IRT allows a detection distance of
    0.3~0.5 m with a deviation of ±0.3 °C.

    FacePass 7 IRT is equipped with a new Linux CPU, implementing a face-capturing of less than 1 second, and a recognition time within 0.5 seconds. The super wide HD camera provides flexible and rapid recognition at multiple angles and distances.

    FacePass 7 IRT can communicate through WiFi, 4G or wired network, and can also be managed through its own Web-server and PC based professional software.

  • The PLR-P3001-N series is Polaroid state-of-the-art printer which can be used for local printing, wired and wireless network printing up to Legal size (216×356 mm, 8.5×14 in.) The PLN-P3001-N series boosts your efficiency by offering fast printing speed up to 30 ppm (LTR, SEF). What is best, the printer provides various features to ensure efficient and effective printout including network printing, printing on both Sides, collating (sorting the printed pages), printing multiple pages on a single sheet, adding watermark in the background and so on. With an easy-to-use control panel, the PLN-P3001-N series makes your operation fast as a breeze.

  • The paperwork that are usually carried out in an office can all be done by Polaroid’s PLR-M3002-N Multifunction Laser Printer. It seamlessly integrates print, scan and copy functionalities. Plus, the product can be connected to the computer through a wired or wireless network. All these features are operated through a clear and large LCD screen to simplify work for busy offices with high-volume of document distribution.

    • Frequency 50Hz, Gigabit network: support temperature data transmitting realtime
    • Auto focus, fast and precise temperature measuring
    • Spot/line/area/isotherm analysis tools, simpler and more flexible to retrieve temperature data
    • Compact size: easily install in small spzce
    • Support multi-protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, RTSP
    • Patented intelligent compensated temperature measurement algorithm: accuracy of ±0.3℃
  • DCG3004X automatic human body-temperature measurement thermal camera is a non-contact, high accuracy, rapid-control in small space temperature measuring system which is designed for epidemic. With the patented intelligent compensated temperature measurement algorithm, the system can screen people with high body-temperature and alarm in Aisle of Airport/Railway station/Bus station/Customs/Hospital/Company/School/Supermarket etc., supporting for epidemic prevention work strongly.

  • NJ-1 Thermal Imaging Intelligent Temperature Measurement System puts to use the leading infrared thermography chip at global, which combines visible light with infared thermography perfectly. And, to measure the temperature of passengers accurately in real time by the best of Automated General Temperature Correction Method and newest Algorithm for AI facial recognition.

    The system will automatically report any suspected febrile person whose body temperature exceeds the warning range for quick confirmation by relevant staff.

    The system can’t only operate alone but connect to the back-end cloud platform. To achieve multi-point control, data tracing, big data analysis, visual data presentation, and cross -platform docking management.

  • The Polaroid P100 card printer delivers the perfect mix of affordability, security and simplicity
    to get your ID card issuance program started.

    • Printing Capability: Single-sided
    • Print Technology: Direct-to-card dye-sublimation
    • Print Speed: Full color single-sided cards in 30 seconds
    • Connectivity: USB 2.0
    • Input/Output Hopper: 100/25
    • Price is for printer only.