708384_22715993eWe can add value to access control system by integrating your back end system seamlessly to the access control system to simplify card issuance and management process. Eligible persons are automatically enrolled into the door access system and cards issued. Similarly, cards are revoked or expired for individuals flagged by the back end system.





The Project:
Our customer is an exclusive member only club with more than 15,000 members. As part of an expansion plan, new properties and facilities were added and a new multi-function contactless member’s card is to be issued to replace their existing magnetic cards. The card is enabled for facility access control, point of sales purchase, identification etc. One the the key challenge is to enable the customer to continue using their existing club management system as the primary management interface for card issuance and life cycle management instead of having to manage new systems that are needed to implement a contactless card.

The Solution:
We implemented a custom card issuing system that is integrated to the club’s back end system and automatically issue, expire, grant or revoke additional rights etc according the the member’s status. Card status is also propogated from our card issuance system to the club premises door and facility access control system seamlessly. This allows the club continues to use their own club management system as the primary interface and save on additional manpower as well as training & management cost for the new system.

We supplied:

1. Zebra card printers & accessories.
2. Pre-printed contactless MIFARE card.
3. PESONA card issuance system customized for the project.
4. GE Alliance door access control system for the club’s new premises.
5. Services including creation of the card map and card script, software customization services to enable back end integration.