casinoCasino and Club cards are typically multi-functional private card system. Functionalities include brand marketing, member identification, facility access, rewards program, point accrual etc. Our solution is particularly aware of the need to integrate into existing well developed member management systems. We can provide solutions that start from card printing & personalization and stretch all the way to back end integration and frontline operation support for payment, redemption, rewards etc using point of sales terminal.



The Project:
A leading casino and gaming company is set to launch in a new market. For a casino, membership card is a crucial marketing tool. One of the key challenge is to for the card issuance system to work directly with the casino’s back end system. In addition, the system must also work in a non-intrusive manner so front counter staff can focus on guest registration.

The Solution:
We customized our PESONA card personalization system to work with the casino’s existing system. The software footprint is reduced to minimize user distraction and most tasks are fully automated. Our system prints guest photo and other required information as well as encode the card’s magnetic stripe according to needed conventions at the highest possible speed to reduce the guest’s time at counter.

We provided:
1. PESONA card issuance system customized for the customer.
2. Services including card perso script and back end software integration.
3. Card printers & accessories.