The primary considerations of a government driven application are security and scalability. We have considerable expertise in providing secure card applications that can be scaled to a wide geographical area safely. We have worked on projects for using contact and contactless card for border control, immigration, secure remote sign-on etc.




The Project:
Our customer is a government agency in charge of immigration. The task is to issue foreign resident contactless ISO 14443B ID card to facilitate identification and processing at border check points. There is a need to ensure our PESONA card perso suite works with existing Datacard card printer belonging to the agency. The agency also needs to have applications that work with 3M passport scanning equipment for processing these cards at check points. The cards must be encoded in ICAO compliant format.

The Solution:
We provided an integrated solution that personalize cards for issuance as well handling card processing at border check points. Cards are pre-personalize for security at central location using PESONA card issuance system and distributed to far flung immigration offices. Prior to issuing these card to qualified residents the cards are personalized using Datacard printers and encoders for ICAO compliance content which includes photo ID and fingerprint data.

We provided:
1. PESONA card personalization system for central office.
2. PESONA card issuing system for use at remote immigration offices.
3. Drivers and application for processing cards with 3M passport scanners.