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TSC Direct Thermal Wristbands

TSC Direct Thermal Wristbands

TSC’s Patient I.D. Wristbands meet healthcare identification requirements while providing a durable and
comfortable solution to patient safety. These wristbands are designed for use in TSC’s line of direct thermal
printers and will ensure superior imaging and ease of application.

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  • Flat print area ensures ease of scanning
  • Accommodates text, linear and 2D bar codes, photos and graphics
  • Constructed of strong, latex-free and non-irritating material
  • Tamper-evident adhesive closure
  • Economical, durable, and water-resistant
  • Bar code wristbands improve operations efficiency, while preventing data entry and collection errors
  • Meet requirements of The Joint Commission and the World Healthcare Organization for improving the accuracy of patient identification, HIPAA for protection of patient privacy, and AHA to reduce risk of lost or transferred data.

Band Width: 29 mm
Band length: Adult – 292 mm / Infant – 215 mm
Printing method Direct Thermal
Material Polystyrene (non-Latex & non-Phthalates)
Color: White
Type of closure: Adhesive
Black mark At perforation
Roll O.D.: Adult – 119 mm / Infant – 126 mm
Core size: Adult – 25.4 mm / Infant – 38 mm
Bands per roll: 200 wristbands
Packaging: 400 wristbands per box (2 rolls of 200 per box)

• Patient ID Tracking
• Hospital admissions
• Hospital nursery

Entertainment & Hospitality:
• Amusement parks
• Water parks
• Event admissions
• Nigh club age verification

Other Markets:
• Crowd control
• Animal ID
• Restricted area access

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