TSCs barcode system ensures patient safety, streamlines hospital testing and specimen tracking

Market: Healthcare
Application: Expedited patient treatment and specimen tracking
Model: Alpha-3R

Background: With the aid of TSCs Alpha-3R portable printer, Taiwan hospitals are able to easily print patient information, nursing staff IDs and test tube labels, while expediting doctors  instructions to nursing staffs.

Solution: After a member of the nursing staff inspects a patient s record via computer, he or she downloads and double-checks the doctor s instructions. The Alpha-3R barcode printer is then used to print the patient s ID data on a label, along with test tube labels for patient specimens and an ID label identifying the attending nurse. When a patient undergoes a test, a hand-held computer (personal digital assistant) can be used to verify the name of the patient, identity of patient specimens and name of the attending nurse.

Automated wireless connection to lab-test instruments for improved specimen tracking.
Reduction of the time spent traveling between a patient s hospital bed and the nursing station.
Increased efficiency and quality-control of patient-specimen testing.
Elimination of noisy dot matrix printers (which can disturb patients), resulting in a reduction in paper costs.

Alpha-3R Features: Alpha-3R is a comfortable, light-weight printer capable of working with any mobile receipt/label printing application where you need quick, simple receipts on demand. It is designed for a rough life, inside the IP54-rated environmental case to resist dust and water and with its rubber over-mold design prepared to take up to a five foot fall and keep printing.

Use USB, or optional Bluetooth , 802.11 b/g/n Wireless or Serial to connect to a mobile computer or even a smart phone and produce clear easy-to-read receipts/labels hour after hour.