Case Study ? TSC TTP-2410M for Tire Manufacturer

Major tire manufacturer uses TTP-2410M printer to increase efficiency and meet EU regulations

Market: Tire industry
Application: Label printing for major tire manufacturer in Taiwan
Model: TTP-2410M thermal transfer label printer

Situation: The production of tires is a complex process involving many fabrication steps and a variety of rubber compounds. Rubber compounds are first mixed and then moved to a bead-wire assembly station. The material is then transferred to an extrusion station, where the compounds are processed and later moved to another station to be cured in a press under heat and pressure.

New EU regulations, which go into effect in November 2012, require tire vendors to provide consumers with information about fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise class in all promotional materials and on a label attached to the tire itself. The regulations govern all light and heavy-duty tires (C1, C2 and C3).

Solution: The tire manufacturer selected TSCs high-speed TTP-2410M label printer to track materials during the assembly process. With its fast throughput, the TTP-2410M is ideally suited for Just-in-Time production. Operators are able to quickly print tracking labels that are then attached to each item so that it can be clearly identified during the assembly process. To meet the new EU regulations, a label that lists product specifications is printed and attached to each tire during the final stage of production. Read more